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Property Technology

Since 2014, we have been developing applications to support our services in order to bring fully comprehensive solutions to the client: Developer, Administrator, Analyst, Mediator, Lawyer, this is in accordance with recent trends of Front and Back office support. The results are unique business intelligence technologies that are exclusive to us. Consequently, this is set up individually and does not require any additional time, technology, client or other human resources.

Touch contract

TouchContract is a set of applications designed for Contract Management. The aim is that on the one hand, each contract “touches” individual circumstances and is not set up in general, in order to avoid just being placed into a drawer. On the other hand, it can be “touched” by using a variety of practical situations.  In the beginning accuracy and consistency are paramount as you cannot produce a good contract on weak foundations. This is also important during the exit because a high quality contract minimalises future practice of the individual agenda. Unique encryption of PDF files for easy identification of the original and intelligent archiving are commonplace.

Debt suite

Debt suite is a set of applications designed for debt recovery management. The statistics say that 30% of businessmen observe adequate financial cash flow as the biggest challenge of the firm prosperity. The effective administration and enforcement of the obligation is therefore the key presumption for the success in this area.

Unlike traditional receivable management systems, the DebtSuite is set individually with the possibility of interactive client instructions and its processes are set up to support business partners in the settlement of receivables, so that everything needed to pay the receivable and eventual removal of objections is provided in a very short time. The aim is to eliminate unpaid invoices after the due date, although before the incorrect delay of business partners and to recover them very quickly in the opposite case.

Legal services

The Law firm OLEXOVA VASISIN offers professional legal advice in court disputes and other legal agendas since 2004. Based upon our experience we know that when dealing with legal issues the proficiency, trust and reliability are of very high importance. That is why in business as well as in the private matters, we give a guarantee to our clients that their interests will be handled in a very professional way and with individual care. The services can be provided in Slovak, German and English language.

Business Law

• Commercial contracts
• IP - Copyrights, Trademarks - Contracts, Protection
• Trading bills of exchange, securities and receivables
• International trade, cross-border movement of goods, documentation
• Patent Law

Corporate Law

• Formation, change and registration of companies,
including permits and internal relations adjustmen
• Dissolution and liquidation of companies
• Design of business transaction schemas and solutions, M&A (due diligence, preparation of transaction documents, obtaining permits)
• addressing tax and accounting issues (in collaboration with our cooperating auditors)


Civil Law


• property management, contracts, property transfers, rental relationships
• Establishing liens, easements, land law
• Establishment of legal entities other than companies
• Personality Protection, Damage       


Family Law


• General peacock consultation
• Preparation and commenting on documents
• Representation before the courts
• Including representation before the Constitutional Court and the European Court
• Domestic violence and cooperation with crisis centers • Articipation in comments on legislative proposals
• Representation in inheritance proceedings and performance of the trustee


Labor Law

• General Employment Relationship Advice
• Management contracts
• Document preparation and consulting
• Internal documents relating to OSH, personal data protection
• employer's administrative duties
• Termination of employment, organizational changes
• mployment relationships, collective bargaining
• Personnel leasing, posting of workers within and outside the EU
• Remuneration schemes, working time arrangements, work of foreigners



• Analysis of the environment in the light of
current legislation and case law
• Solution design and cost-effectiveness
• Providing the services of the responsible person



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